SmartApp for 3-Axis state?

(Josh) #1

I don’t think I can program it myself, but was hoping there was a SmartApp for detecting the angle of the multi-sensor (or the angle being within a range). My garage door can’t easily mount the magnetic coupler, so I need to detect it being open or closed by the 3-axis state. Anyone develop an app like that yet?
I’m looking for “alert me if {deviceX} ThreeAxis value 1 is between Y and Z”. Ideally, it oculd do this only at night… i.e. alert me if after 1:00am and {deviceX}.ThreeAxis.value1 is between Y & Z.

any advice or assistance greatly appreciated!

(Dan Lieberman) #2

@joshg – there’s a device type called “SmartSense Virtual Open/Closed” that sets its open/closed state using the Z-Axis of the SmartSense Multi and it’s commonly used to detect the open/closed status of garage doors. You can go in and change the type in the web UI yourself, or email and they can change the device type for you.

(Dan Lieberman) #3

@joshg – You can then use the Garage Door Monitor or Left It Open SmartApps to alert on the door being left open for a certain amount of time, and use modes to configure it to only happen at night.

(Josh) #4

Thanks… i can’t see how to add a device of my own choosing like that… it just goes into its searching mode.
Nor can I find how to get to the web UI.