Smart Zone motion detector (Zone Motion Manager) [Deprecated -- no longer supported]


Hi, couple questions:

I don’t see the git repository for MikeMaxwell/zmm. How do I get the latest app.

For now I installed the app from a fork smileyborg/zmm. But when I Create New Zone in the Zone Manager App, it just spins. I did install the device type/handler as well for this app and published them all. @Matt_Savage, how did you resolve this issue. thanks.


Ignore second question. Didn’t realize the child app will also need to be created and published in IDE. just don’t have to install it in smartthings app.

(Judd Tracy) #147

Did @Mike_Maxwell stop supporting this project? Git repo seems to have been pulled.


Do you want the code?


Is this the latest working copy of ZMM?

if not, would be nice if someone forked it and can provide a link


That’s the one I have.


Are you still updating this thread and the app?

(Judd Tracy) #151

Seems like there is a lot more there than just the ZMM code and last updated over 2 years ago. Is that the latest version?

Motion sensor outdoor false alarms fix?
(Michael) #152

Doubt it, Mike focus is now on Hubitat and this app is now included in that platform.


Oh Well. It still work as is for me…For Now.


I heard from Mike, the code is no longer being supported for SmartThings.

However, several people have said they have been able to do something very similar using webcore, so I would ask on the webcore forum if you were looking for this functionality as of 2018. :sunglasses:


Hi @JDRoberts,

I am still using the last version and I can safely say it work for me. I did test the WebCoRe and it does work if you know what you are doing. I can post my Piston here at a later time. Or you can do that too,

(Craig Bennett) #156

How often have you gotten a false positive since you used this?

Also, can you paste in the code/piston your using? The GitHub link that was provided says the page doesn’t exist.


Hi @crua9,

Never. I love this code and it works great! Prior to it, all I got were ghosts in my house and the WAF was so low the SmartThings Hub v1 was almost tossed out.

(Matt) #158

Anyone have this in a git repository? The original git link is still dead.


I do. It still works.PM me if you need the code.

(Ben Garton) #160

Would love the code for this if you have it, it sounds like just what I’m looking for!