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Smart Zone motion detector (Zone Motion Manager) [Deprecated -- no longer supported]

(Phil G1300) #123

Hi Mike
Ah! Just read in a post a few pages back in the thread they had the same problem. I need to add the device handler.

(Dean Aaron Roberts) #124

Hey there,

If I just wanted to use a single motion detector, how would I make the zone active only if it detected motion within a certain timeframe? For example, twice within 15 seconds?


(Mike Maxwell) #125

Most if not all motion detectors have an inactivity timeout between 10 and 30 seconds, so this isn’t going to be practical.

(Dean Aaron Roberts) #126

OK - would it be possible in a wider timeframe?

The scenario is that I have a sensor in my garage which is isolated from
the rest of the house… there’s only one sensor in there but occasionally
something can trigger the sensor and then it will go quiet again. So if I
had it triggering numerous times in a certain timeframe that would reduce
false alarms.

(Mike Maxwell) #127

To be honest, I would look at relocating that motion sensor before I would throw code at the issue. Another option would be to install contact sensors on all doors to the garage and then use the triggered zone type to mute the false motion events.

(Brian Smith) #128

@Mike_Maxwell, how would I do the following…

Motion detector in garage
Sensor on door between garage and house

If only motion is detected in the garage, then trigger one virtual motion detector.
If motion is detected but the door also opens, trigger another virtual motion detector.

Basically, I’m trying to tell the difference between an intrusion and someone walking into the house (who is authorized) and still have both occur in the logs. The first one would be used for security for SHM.

(David P.) #129

I would recommend core for this use case. There are ‘waits’ etc… built in

(James L) #130

I’m a newbie. Where do I get the components that need to be installed?


(David P.) #131

This app has been updated for Git integration.
Add a new repository in your IDE
Owner: MikeMaxwell
Name: ZMM

Add a github repository in your smartthings IDE then add the smartapps. (the above info is from the first post)

If you don’t know how to get to the IDE there are docs on here on how to get to it. Getting to the IDE starts here:

(James L) #133

Thanks David

Receiving “An unexpected error occurred” when saving my Zone Motion Manager rule.

Also I am using a z-wave GE smart motion sensor and that is not on the list of devices on the new device list when creating my virtual device. When I select Z-Wave Motion Sensor which is what my motion sensor are typed as, it shows “motion” with no rules or motion sensor referencing it. Meaning it shows “motion” all the the time.


Thank you so much for this motion manager! It is really good!

I would like to ask you in the case i only have one motion device in a zone with “False Motion Reduction” whether it will be triggered if the same physical motion device triggers twice within the activation window, or do i need more than one physical devices in order to work.

I am asking that since my motion sensors are very sensitive (I only have one in each room) and i want to reduce the false alarms by having a “reconfirmation trigger” before it actually sends the trigger.

Thanks again!

(Mike Maxwell) #135

False motion reduction requires a minimum of two motion detectors.
What you’re suggesting would not work very well as the result is entirely dependent on the timeout of the detector involved.
Timeouts range from 10 to 30 seconds or more, so in order for this to work the detection window would have to be the existing detector timeout + some value, probably 25% of the timeout or so.


Was the fork made by @wjarrettc ever added to the code base? I have a similar use case where I get false alarms indoors frequently and instead of using another motion sensor I’d rather require a multi-sensor with vibration and a motion sensor before the alarm is sounded.

In other words, can devices other than motion sensors be used to create a “zone”?

(Jarrett Campbell) #137

I never felt good enough about the code to really share it with a broader audience and then moved on to other things. I’d be happy to share it with you and let you pick it apart. The code seems to work really well for my needs but I suspect there are some “holes” in the logic where a wider audience may break this. But it does what I need.

(gavinM) #138

Mike, sent you a message, but now realised it needed to be a handler, so that is sorted. I want to use this as a lighting control with numerous sensors, but is it possible to add a start/stop time of day ability, as I do not needed activated during the day (as in smart lighting)

(Mike Maxwell) #139

modes are your friend here, whatever app you use to run your lights, just have it set to not run in the modes you don’t want it running in.
there are numerous ways to control motion lighting, so there’s no need in my mind to include that feature on zone motion manager, it can’t control lights anyway…
think of zmm as a “smart” motion detector since that’s what it attempts to be.

(gavinM) #140

Thanks;I will look into modes then.

(Ash Stokes) #141


Just wondering if there’s any way I’d be able to set this up with one sensor, so if motionwas detected twice in x amount of minutes on the same sensor it would then trigger an alert, would this work? More often than not the false alarms only produce one motion event (where as when someone’s actually in the room I get multiple) and they usually trigger around 2am on the indoor/outdoor siren -.-


(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #142

I’ve been trying to find a way of doing this for a long time.

Now, I’m working in webCoRE, and have a thread going for this over there (HERE), and I think Robin just gave me what I need. I will be testing it later today, and will report back on how it goes…

UPDATE: It works! I finally have a way of doing this. :slight_smile:

(MSavage) #143

I installed the zone manager smartapp, went into MyApps to setup the first zone but I am stuck, my screen just displays the spinning circle indefinitely when I try to create my new zone, any ideas why? Going to go back remove the SmartApp and try to install it again. Did I miss a step? Doesn’t the SmartApp create the virtual zone and devices upon creation of the new zone? Just load SmartApp create the zone and configure, correct?

Disregard, figured it out, still need to publish, and forgot to install the device type, now everything is working, thanks Mike for the app.