Smart things w/ Hue Lights and Lutron switch

Good afternoon.
So I have had some issues in the past with Sylvania BR30 bulbs with a smart switch. Flat out it doesnt work very well.
So my question is, are hue bulbs any better/different? I have an area under my deck that I want to light with smart bulbs along with a smart switch (lutron caseta). Does anyone else do this successfully?

You should not use smart bulbs with any switch, smart or not smart, which cuts current to the bulbs. It’s not just because the bulbs will no longer be available to the network. Instead, it’s because there is A surge of current when the power is first restored (called “inrush current“) And overtime this can damage the radio inside the bulbs and make an already expensive bulb that much more expensive.

It’s OK If This just happens once in a while because of an emergency power outage, but you definitely don’t want to be using a switch to cut current on a regular basis, whether it’s a smart switch or not.

If you read the user guide for your smart bulbs, it will tell you that the bulbs are intended to always be on power.

So instead, you need to choose a switch which does not control current to the bulbs. See the following FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

Yeah that was the answer I was afraid of… I just love the lutron caseta with the remote easy 3 pole option, but I also want the hue/sylvania bulbs under my deck :slight_smile:Ill have to figure something out i guess.

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