Smart things hub zig bee connection? (NV Energy mPowered Thermostat)

I have thermostats that are supposedly zigbee connected devices. Can anyone tell me how to connect them to the smart things hub? Thanks

It would help if you give some details about which thermostat you’re trying to connect.

They are mPowered thermostats from NV Energy, I don’t know the manufacturer.

They might be compatible, they might not.

The zigbee standard allows for multiple “profiles,” and they can’t all talk to each other. They don’t even use the same addressing standards.

SmartThings uses the zigbee home automation (ZHA 1.2) profile. If the device is also certified for that same profile, then there’s a good chance that it can be made to work with SmartThings.

But if it uses one of the other profiles, including a manufacturer proprietary one, it could still be a certified zigbee device, but might not work with SmartThings.

So that’s why people are asking for the manufacturer and model number. That way we can find out what profile it uses and know where we’re starting from.

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OK, I did a little more checking. This thermostat is provided as part of an energy saving program from your utility company. In order to get the discounts, you need to be enrolled in their program, which means your thermostat needs to be connected to the gateway that they provided to you.

A zigbee device can only belong to one network at a time. In order to participate in the mPower program, your thermostat has to be connected to their network. Consequently you cannot also use it with SmartThings.

If you are no longer participating in their program and want to instead use it with SmartThings, again we have to go back to the question of what profile is it using.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and the education. Happy Holidays!

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