Smart things api calls from third party applications?


I am working on to create a ‘Smarting application’ ie users can control(ie turn ON/turn OFF) their connected smart thing AC/Fridge etc via facebook messenger application.

While going through the API documentation I understand that we can call external API from smart things application.

But I want to know whether I can write API routes/functions(GET/POST) inside my smart things application to control devices from outside. I am planning to call an api inside smart things application from the outside app and according to that command say ‘Turn On’ which will turn on the connected Fridge/Ac.

Please let me know whether it is possible or not? Your support/suggestions are much appreciated

Hello dibeesh,

The best way to integrate a custom solution interfacing with our new API, is by doing an API access integration, this will require you to register an organization and be granted API access, once you have done this, the OAuth client - server docs will be available on your workspace.

If you have specific questions please open a support ticket here, we will be happy to guide you in this process.

Best regards.

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