Smart switch with smart bulbs

In My beautiful old house, the switches in the room only control the electrical outlets on/off, the only option y have is a pull chain by the fan to control the lights and the fan, all my lights in the house are cool white LED 6000k I don’t like the yellow color, what combination of bulbs and switch can I use in the rooms?
I need a smart switch which won’t be wired (because the Actual switch Only controls the outlets) that can talk to the bulbs in the ceiling…
It’s doable?
Thanks so much for stopping by…

Yes, definitely doable. :sunglasses:

There are now several battery operated or battery free switches which you can put on the wall which can then control smart bulbs.

If you are using a smartthings hub, then typically the switch sends a message to the hub and the hub send a message to the bulb. This will give you the widest choice of devices.

Alternatively, if you just want to stick with Hue devices, you can use a hue bridge with Hue bulbs and any of the “friends of Hue“ switches. :sunglasses:

First we need to ask what country you’re in. The device options do vary somewhat.

The short FAQ Is a good place to start, although most of the device examples are for the US.

FAQ: Looking at a good Wall Switch for my Hue Bulbs (2018 Short FAQ) ( also applies to other brands of smart bulbs)

I’m in the US… the bulbs have to give me cool white because my whole house is cool white, don’t like the yellow-is lights and I do have the SmartThings hub 2, which is that switch and what bulbs I can control?