Smart Switch to control Half-Hot Outlet

BTW, if the outlet is not already wired to a switch, yet another option is to replace the outlet with a smart outlet and then use a battery powered switch on the wall. There are some that look like regular wall switches and others that look more like buttons. That way you don’t have to worry about the wiring at all, because the outlet almost certainly has a neutral already. So you just swap out the outlet for a smart outlet and then add the battery powered switch wherever you want it.

The following FAQ shows the various control device options. Some of the listings are for mains powered devices and some are for battery powered, so read carefully to make sure you’re looking at the one you want. If you have any follow-up questions ask them either here or in the discussion thread for that particular device, not in the buttons FAQ itself which is only intended to be one post per device. :sunglasses:

Note: with some devices, the switch will only be able to talk to the outlet if your smartthings hub is also working. With other devices, particularly if both the switch and the outlet are zwave, you may be able to set up direct association which would work even if smartthings is not working. So just something to be aware of.