Smart Solutions for these? (Single gang Switch with multiple functions)

I’m not sure if there is any solution for these, but I’d love to hear some suggestions if so. I have four switches that have both light and fan controls in one…and another that has power/light in one. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of these for something i can automate that would be awesome.

For the fan, there are a couple of options. see the following FAQ:

The combo form (one receptacle and one switch in a single gang format) can be done with two micros, but you have to make sure that the micro on the receptacle supports up to 15 A in order to meet code in most places. The micro on the light switch probably only has to support up to 10 A.

There are some dual micros, but most of them are intended for two light switches, and can’t handle the load required for an outlet.

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Thanks JD. It seems like I could be out of luck for an easy solution based on this info. None of my fans have remotes to use that bond device. The Hampton Bay device seems to be out of stock and I would need to turn my 2 gange into a 4 gange box for the GE solution. I was doing some reading through the past threads similar to mine and it seems like this has been a common issue for years now. Seems crazy that none of the companies have come out with a new switch to accommodate this.

It’s a matter of radio size. It would require one radio for the fan motor and one for the lights and that just gets to be too big for a single gang size. But they keep making the internal devices smaller, so maybe someday.

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Thanks for this, it should work perfect. I only care about the light.