Smart Plug Capable of Measuring Power Usage?

I use these Sengled plugs, with Zigbee Switch Power Mc driver, I use the power reading levels in routines to turn on/off virtual switches and a hot water recirculation pump. They have been very reliable and are rated to full amps, they can also fit two in a duplex. Not 100% sure what you mean by “automatically cut power”, they do not have an automatic overload like Aeotec Gen6, on/off can of course be added to routines.

Sengled Smart Plugs, Hub Required, Works with SmartThings and Amazon Echo with Built-in Hub, Voice Control with Alexa and Google Home, 15Amp Smart Socket, Work as Zigbee Repeater, ETL Listed, 2 Pack


Very nice, thanks!

Glad to see these are the newer model which do work as Zigbee repeaters (the first generation did not) and which have ETL safety certifications. And a good price. So that’s very good to know.

(I know you know this, but for others, following along, we should Note that although the product description may imply that they need their own hub and app, if you are going to use them with smartthings, you will connect them to a smartthings/Aeotec hub instead.)

does anyone who has a galaxy phone know if these will show up on the energy monitoring dashboard or not? :thinking:

Thanks for following up here @JDRoberts and connecting the dots!
I would be very interested if there is an EU version of any of the plugs. :thinking:

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@JDRoberts thanks for the reply. Hopefully we can get some help from the community and find a solution.

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Edited my post. Removed “automatically cut power” as it didn’t make sense. I am trying to measure usage and automate “turning off the switch” via routines.
Thanks for the tip, I will give the Sengled Smart Plugs a try.

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Just to add another option. In addition to the Sengled plugs, I also use the TP-Link KP-115, which I run using the community TP-Link Edge driver [channel invite] from @BarryA (rather than SmartThings native LAN integration).

Both work well, although with my home and network topography I’ve found the LAN-based KP-115 can run reliably at much greater distances than the Sengled without having to add zigbee repeaters where they wouldn’t otherwise be useful. Of course, every network is unique.


Thanks for the hint about the TP-Link! Unfortunately the TP-Link KP-115 are not available, or quite expensive at the moment (approx. 40 EUR). Any other alternatives?

Sengled Smart Plugs worked out-of-the-box with my SmartThings hub (no additional driver update was needed). It provides “Energy Consumption” and “Power Meter”. Thanks @NickA!

Tagging @Frank_n_stein for awareness.

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Looks like Aqara has smart plug that also shows energy stats in Energy app

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Nice find! That aqara plug should be available in multiple regions, although I don’t know if the fingerprints are different. Apparently, it also shows up on the energy dashboard if you have a galaxy phone. check the specs to see what amperage it supports. Last time I looked it was 10A, not 15A.



Thanks for the hint, @sasadorian ! I’ve checked the Sengled ones already, but I haven’t found the EU version of the plugs yet.
Aqara is a good alternative (thanks @milandjurovic71 and @JDRoberts) - though quite expensive with 30 EUR per plug here in Germany. But I’ll look for some discounts. :wink:

Let me know if someone finds a cheap Tuya version of it by chance. :grin:

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Here is the link for the US version with is rated at 15A … Model- ZNCZ12LM

I can control it in SmartThings, but it doesn’t show up in energy management nor does it provide an automation trigger on power use

I have the same plug and energy/power work, change your driver to:

Hello Nick,

When I click on the link I get a 403 Error


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That’s strange because it works for me But search for Veon and his Xioami Plug driver.

I found the thread


The Veon link with his Xioami Plug driver works!

The plug now shows a power meter and allows me to trigger routines

Thank you very much

keep in mind that plugin driver development is on hold.
In the future, I plan to merge the code with switches and remotes.