Smart Motion Sensor Detecting Motion Through a Window

Just curious, should this motion sensor be able to detect motion through a screen window?

Here in MN it can be fairly cold in the winter so I wanted to see if I could setup the motion sensor in my porch on a window ledge facing out to detect when someone is at the door. The window has a screen on it.

This detection has been not very reliable and the range doesn’t seem to be very fair. Is this expected?

Also, if I set it up outside instead, will it work in minus zero below weather?


They won;'t work through glass as they rely on infra red which glass blocks - a screen? YMMV I would expect it to be less reliable than if it was seeing the person directly.

Regarding the weather, sorry can’t help you - I have an Aeon outside sensor and it works fine down to 20 or so, but I fortunately I haven’t seen it colder than that so far! The concern would be battery condition when it got that could I would think.

Thanks! There is both a window and a screen so looks like that option is out. I may just have to try it in the weather to see out it would work.

I’m wondering if there are any motion sensor cameras which would work instead or if they rely on the same IR technology. I’ve been looking at the D-Link cameras.

annoyingly however, motion sensors do treat glass like a mirror…

Some of the camera might work, because their motion detection uses differences in the images, but I’ve found them much less reliable than the motion sensors.

I got Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, and have that outside it has been very reliable for me. I’ve only had it up for maybe a month, but it has gotten as low as the teens and it is still working. I’ll see how long the battery lasts though.

The AEON motion sensor is rated for use outdoors. Might look into that. I have a couple of 'em and they work well in the ST environment:

Are the Aeon Labs Motion sensors good without shade in the cold, sun, snow and rain. Ideal location to install it outside in my house is without shade, but I also have a less than ideal location that I can install with a shade. Wondering if anybody has any issues with Aeon Labs sensor outdoors.


mine’s outside, unprotected, in the rain (no snow here), no issues, coldest temp we’ve had was in the mid 20’s, and the aeon was fine vs the ST multi V2, which gets a bit stupid below 30…

I have mine on a screened in patio, works well, mild climate here though. Its ability to see through screen panels 15’ away is a little wonky sometimes.

I have my Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor on the front of my house… It’s in full sunlight and the temps can increase by 40 degrees or so in full sun. Is there any fix for this or perhaps a better device?

Also, the changes in sun - going in and out of clouds for example - trigger false motion detection. I’m guessing some sort of shade would solve both problems, just not sure how attractive that will look on the front of my house.