Smart Lock App

I am thinking about using the Smart Lock App to manage access codes for 30 people. I was wondering if the access codes will still work if the SmartThings Hub is offline.

the codes are stored in the lock itself, so they should. Let us know how that goes. I don’t think i’ve heard of someone attempting that many before. What lock are you using that has that many slots?

My Schlage Connect z wave says it holds 30 but I’ve never gotten close to that. I’ve only ever had 10 at one time, but they worked when ST was down for a day just fine.

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If they are programmed yes. You can’t modify them when the hub is offline. Are these permanent codes or temporary codes?

The codes entered on the keypad will work to unlock the lock, but SmartThings automations based on the code, including changing the location.mode, will not.