Smart Alarm Not Arming

I’m trying to use Smart Alarm but it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve set it up, armed the system and the intentionally opened a door to test it but nothing happens except the usual notification and text that the SmartThings security does. Is this clashing somehow?

I’ve set up Smart Alarm to play notifications through Sonos but it doesn’t do that either. It seems as though the SmartThings security is arming the system and not Smart Alarm. When I go into the Smart Alarm app it just says “Alarm js Disabled” (even after the 30 second delay).

Any ideas?

I’m experiencing the same thing with the “Stay” option. Whenever I set it, I can open a contact and nothing happens. When I set “Stay”, and then look at the device status, it shows the alarm is armed, but when I check the individual devices, they show as disarmed.

When I arm the “Away” option, everything arms fine after the delay.

So, at least with me, it’s only a problem arming “Stay”