Smart air vents

@scheerd, no, there is no accomodation of that nature as it’s not possible to do anything after the hub goes offline, and there is no advance warning of any kind for any ST hub outage.

The vents would then be left at their last state till the hub goes online again.

I’ve not experienced personally any major hub outage since I got my hub more than 2 years ago. I must say that I’m still on Hub V1 as there were no major incentives for me to upgrade to V2.

Maybe, you have some internet connectivity issues?

I’ve had no major issues, but for mission-critical stuff like HVAC, it’s not 100% reliable without a wired connection and backup power. For example, though my door open/close sensor works 99% of the time, it has left my lock open, or opened it automatically thinking that the door was open when it was closed and I was away, so I now don’t allow it to unlock when it thinks the door is open.

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Sorry to revivie this old thread, but does anyone ( @EcoNetBlake ) know if EcoNet is every going to manufacture their Smart Vents again? Their site always says they are “Coming Soon” which seems odd since I believe they were available in the past, right?

Thanks for the note.

The beta version of the EV200 (Gen II Smart Home HVAC Vent) in the 4x10 size will be available to advanced users in September.


The Smart Gate Lock is in development with a beta unit expected this year.

Production versions of both the EV200 and the Gate Lock are scheduled for 2018.

I have often wondered about supply vent fans. I have two vents in my home, both on the top floor, that simply don’t get enough air feed from the basement-dwelling heating system.

In my ideal rendition of control of forced-air, I would

  • have baffles as close to the heat source as possible
  • have fans as far from the heat source as possible

So that if the office hits its desired temperature, the system closes the baffle on the office duct right where it segments out from the main feed. Meanwhile the top floor bedrooms ‘pull’ the warm air up and into the room, thereby helping the main fan do its job.

I moved home and now have no need for a bunch of my Keen SmartVents. I have:

6x10 = 5
6x12 = 3

Anyone interested in making me an offer?

Does your vents have fans in them to boost airflow? Or it’s just an on / off zwave control?

EcoNet’s Smart Vent project is on hold. The smart vent does not include a fan.
Details on the most recent smart vent design are available at:
Please check our page for new product details and updates.