Slack Integration with SmartThings

Hi All,

I use Slack as a communication and collaboration tool for my business and I am interested in setting up a ‘Channel’ to post all my ST activity into it so I can keep an eye on things…anyone done something similar or have a smart app that may do this? Its the general feed I would want the stream from so when people come and go or Mode Changes etc.

The method used to get data into Slack is as follows Sending Messages
You have two options for sending data to the Webhook URL above:
Send a JSON string as the payload parameter in a POST request
Send a JSON string as the body of a POST request
For a simple message, your JSON payload must contain a text property. This is the text that will be posted to the channel.
A simple example:
payload={“text”: “This is a line of text in a channel.\nAnd this is another line of text.”}

Anyone got an app that would let me at least edit the code to see if I can get it working and learn how it does?


Does Slack have an official API?

Hi @tslagle13 yup it does

Not sure I am up to setting it up using that lol!

My work blocks that site lol.

I’ll look tonight

This may be of help to you:

@tslagle13 hah really? Thats an interesting block to have its just a collaboration and coms tool…

Would be great if you could take a look…

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Thanks @wackware appreciate the humor in how you linked to that… not entirely sure I wanted to get heavily into learning the coding method (I usually just mess around with other peoples code examples) but I could give it a go to see if I can build something to pass out the data to slack…however can I just get the Hello Home statuses or do I need to do something for each connected device?

It sounds like you would want to do it based on just some of your devices. Follow this link and see how a user posted device info to a graphing web site.

or just:

Thanks @wackware I will take a deeper look.

Slack actually has some pretty cool integration’s and abilities for example I can ‘ask it’ in a channel via a watch word what the status is of the web servers hosting our clients websites. Now maybe using the API would be a good way to go as potentially I could ‘ask it’ things to give me feedback on temp sensors etc

It would just be sweet enough if SmartThings had a slack instance. IRC is awesome

This is another excellent example that might be worth encapsulating into a “Device Type” at some point.

If you are interested in theoretical / meta discussion on this, see link…

I know I’m bumping an old thread, but for anyone that stumbles upon this I recommend using webCoRE for Slack integration with SmartThings. The link below is an example webCoRE piston that will allow you to update your presence and status in multiple Slack instances based on SmartThings events. This might be helpful as a building block for anyone looking to publish all ST events to a slack channel: