Single Outlet/Circuit Power Outage

I recently lost several hundred dollars worth of food in my garage freezer because the GFCI breaker tripped. By code, it is hooked to a GFCI outlet and unbeknownst to me, the outlet tripped and as a result, the freezer shut down. Is there a device that can send me a notification when this happens in the future? The outlet is strictly for garage and outdoor circuits so I didn’t know about the power failure until it was too late. My security light cameras notify me when they are offline, so I can’t imagine there isn’t an outlet that can do the same. Thanks for your help.

This is my solution for the problem …

but you must use the code of Gainondorf, works correctly …

I just tried searching for “smart freezer monitor” and got several hits, in case you didn’t try that. Not exactly what you were asking for, but it would let you know a short while after the event, when the temperature started rising but before the food was wasted. And here is a thread on the topic Temperature sensors for freezers

If you’re in the US, you can use what I use for our garage fridge. There is an option in the DTH to report if power is less than or equal to 0. I have it poll every 5 minutes, so if it ever dropped off, I’d know within 5 minutes. I also have a cheap aqara temp sensor in both the fridge and freezer with simple automations to send notifications if the temperatures rise above a certain point. The switch is also on sale right now, so that’s a win.

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Is the other socket in the receptacle that the freezer is plugged into available? If so, then there are some options for device which will plug into that and notify you when that device switches from the mains to battery power. But obviously you have to be able to plug it in to the same outlet in your case since it’s the outlet itself which is cutting the power.

Note that some of the projects in the community where you wire it into the circuit won’t work for your case because the circuit itself is fine, it’s the outlet that has cut the power to the freezer.

While it’s possible in some cases to add a wired relay to the power cord for the freezer, I don’t recommend that for a bunch of reasons.

Anyway, here’s one thread discussing a similar use case. Just look for the ones that are plugging into the socket not the ones that are wired into the circuit.