Single button for numerous bulbs in one room?

Hi all,

Just got my smartthings hooked up the other day and starting to install my devices into it.

I have 6 LIFX bulbs in my den in recessed cans. I added all of these bulbs to a room called “Den”. Now when I tap on Den it shows me all 6 bulbs and their current states and in order to turn them on from here I must tap each bulb individually. Is there a way to group all of these bulbs under one button that I can tape for on/off and then tap the name for the options to change colors and such?

In the LIFX app I can group all of my bulbs to a group called “Den” and then control all 6 bulbs at the same time as a group. I would like that same functionality within ST.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Create a virtual switch, then use smart lighting app to link the lights to the switch.

Thanks. Will a virtual switch give me the capability to change the colors/temperature and dimming on all 6 bulbs at once?

Nope; it’s just an on and off. But the Smart Lighting app will, so long as you want to assign the same params to all lights.

I am not sure if that is going to work the way I would like it to. Right now when I tap on one of my LIFX bulbs I am giving a color wheel and dimming level so I can alter that specific bulb. I would like to group all 6 bulbs together to toggle them on/off but have the same capability to tap on the group and change their color and dimness as well.

See the “How to Group Lights” in the community-created wiki:

You might also be able to use the free LIFX IFTTT channel, but that can introduce some lag, so it depends on the details of the use case. At my house, IFTTT is a pretty consistent eight second lag, which might be OK for changing from regular lighting to “movie night” but would be too long for just turning on the lights in a dark room.

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@TrendyGuy - If you care capable you can try…

While it may not be the most efficient route, you can use routines to turn a group of lights on and off.

Just create routine called X Lights On and another with the same name except ended with Off. You don’t have to assign any times are other variables in the routines other than turn these lights on or off.

When you want to turn the group on just manually run X Lights On and when you want to turn the group off manually run X Lights Off.

I have one of these routines for each room of my house so I can turn on or off the lights in any room by running the appropriate routine.

Bummer there isn’t an officially supported, easy way to do this in ST, considering lighting seems to be the first way regular consumers are jumping into HA.