Simulated thermometer population

Does anybody have any info on how you populate a simulated thermometer… any apps that can help ? I have temp info from a multi sensor and from the weather 2.0 app but it would be really nice to just have a thermometer temp only, maybe even with a rising falling steady indicator but that stuff is non essential tbh

Do you mean you want it to look like a thermometer? Or just that you want it to only display temperature?

Im not aware of a thermometer icon that you can use, so you would need to create one (should be possible if you use lots of different icons for each temperature, but its far from a clean solution!). Alternatively if you want to see some code where child devices are created and child devices are sent temperature information from the parent then take a look at my Heatmiser Thermostat device handler here.

Thank you cj, a bit overkill for what i am looking for though. I just wanted to display a temperature only . The temperature would come from anything connected to my hub that displays temp as part of its Ui.

Weather tile 2.0 shows temp and that is from various locations or from a connected device such as a multisensor but the main part of that Ui is open close

I would like a fully functioning thermometer with… if possible, temp trend indicators, max low max high recorded temps as info below the main part of the Ui which would be simply temperature… maybe even have the temp change colour dependant on high low factor but whatever is displayed would come from a user selected option

As for an icon… if the app is left with an editable icon selection in the ide the user can choose there own

If you don’t mean for it to be inside the app then search the forum for Influxdb. You can send a ton of metrics to be visualized via a web page using Influxdb/grafana and it works great.

Just something simple or complicated dependant on the info supplied Via another user ST attached temp sensor, I am not looking for weather, just temperature/s

Sorry for the poor render but I do not have Ps installed at the mo

It would be easy to customise the tiles to look like that. I suggest having a look at the link below to give you an idea of how you can customise the tiles to show/hide information in the sensor, without having to change how the device works.