Can Visonic MCT-340 **Temperature** show in favorites? ( instead of open/close state)

Question if anyone knows… is there a way in the SmartThings app to display the reading of the temperature from the visonic door sensor in the “favorites” view?

Currently it shows the state of the sensor “open/close.” Just looking for a way to get a quick look of the temp rather than opening the sensor up.

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It’s definitely possible, but not simple AFAIK.

I have a few suggestions. If you’re committed to viewing it on ST dashboard in the app perhaps you could create a virtual temperature device that mirrors the temperature of the door sensor and favorite that.

Or solutions like action tiles, webcore, sharp tools, and others offer custom ‘dashboards’ that are much faster than the ST app itself. Here is an android widget of sharp tools that shows the temp of a contact sensor.


If you don’t care about knowing the open/close status at all, you can switch the device type in the IDE to “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor”. If you still want to use it as a contact sensor, you can create a modified device handler using the instructions given here (ignore that this is for an Iris sensor; both sensors use the same SmartSense device handler):


I found this over in the webcore forum. If you’re not using webcore you’re missing out on some seriously powerful automation. It can be intimidating at first but once installed it’s very easy to use.

Here is a DTH I knocked up quickly to display custom strings / values in device tiles, within the ST app.