Simple color changing smart app

I am trying to use setColor to change colors based on an integer. if I do


that doesn’t work. I want to be able to set the color using an integer value… or change the hex value slowly… like add “AA” to it every minute so it slowly change colors.

Any helps?


That syntax looks fine… What “doesn’t work”?

I thought to do hex input on setcolor you needed to create a map with the hex:value pair and feed that into the function? Or am I mistaken?

You’re probably right, but the docs say different (what else is new?)…

Yes I saw this document but I failed to get the colour to work.

And if I get Color to be set, no idea how to add to a her number…


I managed to get color to change every 30 seconds by changing the hue… I use “RunIn” to run every 30 seconds and just add 1 to hue so it clowely change color…

but I noticed that it stops working after a few runs… is there something that kills the process?