Simple and reliable esp8266 nodeMCU smart garage door opener

I just completed a project to build a smartthings connected garage door opener and it’s working great!

My goal was to build something that was as simple as possible, and I ended up basing a lot of the code off of this [RELEASE] Absolute Simplest ESP8266 Smart Blinds, no mqtt, rest, bridge, or broker, just your board and your hub and just adapting it for a push button instead of an open/close action.

I used an esp8266 nodemcu with a 5v relay connected normally open directly to the terminals on the back of the garage door opener unit. Smartthings triggers the relay which completes the circuit, ‘pushing’ the garage door opener button.

The reason I wanted this was to be able to close my garage door remotely in case I left it open accidentally. I have a tilt sensor on the door already which alerts me if it’s left open for too long, but until now there was no way to operate the door without driving back home again.

If people are interested I can post the code later, I need to clean it up a bit first though.



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I’m interested. I have two garage doors I need to integrate in to smartthings eventually.

Why did you go this route instead of using something like a go-control? Price?

I am also very interested. I have a couple esp8266 nodeMCU’s laying around to use. I currently have a RPI zero controlling my garage, but havent been able to get it working with Smartthings yet. This would solve my issue.

Definitely interested in this code. I’d rather use this solution than have to buy multiple Linear modules for my doors. We’re you still planning on sharing?

In this setup can you still use the button and remotes to open and close the door? Just asking in case WiFi goes down

I’m really interested in the code! Could you please share?? Thank you!!!

Hi @Todd_Meyer

Im interested as well. Please do share the code

If anyone would like to implement this functionality, you can do so very easily using my ST_Anything project. In addition to full support for the Garage Door Control, you can also easily add Temperature, Humidity, Illuminance, Motion, etc… all by simply editing one sketch. Check it out and feel free to post any questions you have in the thread below.


I can vouch for this. @ogiewon’s code has probably been running on my garage door for over a year at this point without any issues.

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