Shop Lights switch--low voltage

Don’t know if I am in the right place but I have a shop and my employees love to leave the lights on. So I thought I might try the hub to help them out. I have a Drop cam currently so I can see when the lights are on UG but can’t turn them off. I got the current smart things light switch but to my surprise the electrician ran low voltage wire to the switches relay due to the wiring placement. Just wanted to see if anyone had an idea of what I could do. I have 5 banks of lights all running on LV wire. Does Smart things have a LV relay that I could maybe use? Thanks for your help

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Do you know if these fixtures are ELV or MLV?

There are some different options, but it comes down to the specifics.

Don’t know if this helps but they are 8ft incandescent. Looking at 7 lights on each bank. But it seems like the relay has all the power that switches the relay and then trips it for the HV or 120 in the relay.

@Navat604 , @johnconstantelo or some of the other electrical experts might have some ideas.

What does the current physical switch look like? Is it a rocker, toggle, button, or?

I think it is a contact relay. I can take a pic tomorrow.

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The biggest challenge for you is room at the gangbox. You will see a little module behind the switch for converting 110vac to low voltage. It’s similar to an Aeon in wall module. If there is room then you can put an in wall smart module at the 110 side or any smart switch. So check the box first. Unless you are lucky and the module is at the light fixture gangbox then any smart switch should work as long as you have line hot, neutral and load.