SHM - Scount Alarm - Cleaning Lady?

So i am running into a predicament. I switched over from Iris two years ago. My home insurance considered iris a monitored security system and gave me a discount. My insurance company is asking me for an updated invoice showing current service. I just signed up for SCOUT via SHM. I am fine with paying the $20 a month for the service. The issue i am running into is my cleaning lady…

My cleaning lady cleans every other Saturday. Most of the time I am home when she arrive. I leave my house after she arrives and let her clean. (Sometime If I am out of town, she lets her self in with her own keypad code. This disable the alarm).
The issue I have is when I leave, Smartthings sets the alarm to Armed Away based on my phone. If my cleaning lady opens a door, BAM alarm is triggered.

I don’t know what to do or what to buy to fix this. I know i can go and manually hit disarm after i leave, but I know I would forget. I also have 2 dogs and a cat, so i don’t know how well a motion sensor would work. I have core, but I am new to it. I would be happy to add a piston to fix it, but not sure where to start. Any ideas for the best result?

There are lots of different ways to do this. :sunglasses:

Since you’re familiar with core, my own suggestion would be that you set up a schedule for every other Saturday and simply disarm SHM based on the entry of her code and then re-arm it 15 minutes after she is scheduled to leave if you are also not home at that time.

There are a lot of other things that you could do to rearm it that would be more complicated, including using a virtual presence sensor or having her push a button or turn a particular light on and off, so just depends on how complicated you want it to be.

But the simplest approach is just to put it on a time schedule from the time that she arrives and just check that no one else is home then.

If you ask in the core peer Assistance thread, I’m sure there are people there who could help you set up something.

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Great advice! Thanks so much. Here is what i ended up doing.

I created a new device “Simulated Presence Sensor”. I set up a core piston to change it to present when at 8 am and change it to not present at 3:30PM, Both on every other Saturday.

Then I created a new routine, “Cleaning”. This disarms the alarm and sets the temperature to a conferrable level. I didn’t set it to my Welcome back routine, because that would automatically unlock the door. I don’t want/need that.

I then added it to my goodbye routine. This will turn everything off, lock all the doors and set the alarm. She always turns everything off and locks the doors, but can’t set the alarm.

I hope this works. I don’t see any reason it won’t.

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Another tip I would maybe do would be to get an iris keypad. Then your cleaning lady can have her own code that works only when she is supposed to be there and it will keep track of when she puts in the code as well. And for the beeping right when she comes in I use CoRE for delays and have it activate a single simulated contact sensor that sets off the Alarm. That way I can customize how I want my alarm to work. But I don’t have scout so don’t know if it will translate over.
I have a roommate who could care less about access to my ST hub so don’t have her phone as a presence sensor and my alarm auto arms if I’m not home. But it only does so if all lights are off and also no motion for 5 minutes. This allows her to be home and the system will auto arm if she leaves and the lights time out and turn off.
I hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you need me to explain more.