Set thermostat to away when flood sensor triggers

Trying to figure out how to do this, is there a community app that’s already built to do something like this? I’m using a nest thermostat with nest manager to control my thermostat. So far, I just use ifttt to turn the a/c up as high as it’ll go when the flood sensor triggers, but I’m hoping there’s a better way to do it.

I think “Dry Wetspot” and “Switch Changes mode” found in the market place could do this, with a virtual switch.

Create Virtual switch: FAQ: Creating a virtual Device

Create a new mode called “Flood” (or whatever)

Install smartApp “Switch Changes Mode”. Set it up for virtual switch to change mode to Flood

Have Nest-Manager automation set Away on mode “Flood”

Install SmartApp “Dry Wetspot” and set it up when detects moisture trigger virtual switch.

Good Luck!

Awesome, thanks, I’ll have to try it out when I get home, my hub just went offline for some reason while I was at work

Its probably the update. I know its alot of steps and jumps through a few smartApps. There may be a faster way but it should at least get you down the path of thinking how to handle this.

Yeah it was the update. My hub is pretty much bricked at this point. Wish I would’ve known this about firmware updates. I guess I didn’t have a choice to accept it or not though. Now I have to wait for an engineer to fix it.