Set switch to default to ON when physically on


I have a Fluorescent light controlled by an on/off switch (Zigbee). This switch is still connected to a physical wall switch. Now every time I turn the wall switch on, the Zigbee switch still remembers the last state when the physical switch was turned off. I would like to make this Zigbee switch to be ON each time the physical wall switch is ON. So the people with no access to the app still can turn on the light.


What’s the brand and model of the zigbee switch?

And are you saying that both the zigbee switch and the dumb switch control the same fluorescent light?

If so, if for some reason you don’t want to replace the dumb switch with a smart switch, then the only option may be to mount a light sensor very close to the light inside a box so that it only receives light when that specific fluorescent light comes on. You could then use that light sensor to trigger the zigbee switch.

Some people use a setup like this to capture the state of a dumb outdoor motion sensor light, for example, so they can trigger other events off of it. :sunglasses:

Hi Roberts,

The switch is a no brand from an online shopping site.

I just put the Zigbee switch in the light enclosure while the dumb switch still control the AC to that Zigbee switch. Just to find some way to have the Zigbee on when the dumb switch is ON. So people with no app still be able to operate the light.