Services like PlotWatt for use with HEM v1, and multiple appliance monitors

I’ve been using PlotWatt for about a month now, and appreciate its utility. However, it doesn’t appear to ever identify individual appliances. I have a number of appliances and devices plugged in through Aeon smart energy switches, which report power / kWh readings. Does anybody know of a way to integrate all of these together, so that I can directly report appliance readings (since I have the data), along with the total house usage? I wouldn’t mind picking up a few more of these energy switches just for the reporting aspect if I could get this off the ground.

Did you configure each devices with its onw instance of the PlotWatt Log Smart app? For each device you will need to run an instance of the log software. Each instance will be configured with a different meter number in the Panel ID field.

I thought about that, but wouldn’t that just add to the total usage? HEM = 100% of usage, + each appliance that’s already counted in there.

I thing your right, this may add to the total usage. Most of my individual appliances are very low usage so I have not noticed an impact yet but may eventually remove the meters or possibly attach them to a different house.