Sengled Zigbee Outlets Causing Havoc

I have an Aeotec V3 hub with a variety of Aeotec water sensors (59), Sengled Zigbee (30) outlets Innr Zigbee outlets (23) and Minoston Z-Wave (13). My Wifi router’s channel is set to 1 and my hub’s channel is 25.

For the past few weeks, a routine to turn off some of the Sengled outlets isn’t working and causes other routines for different Sengeld outlets to not function either. I can’t even turn them off within the SmartThings app either; any request just times out.

I’ve tried changing hub/router channels, healing the Zigbee network and rebooting but it doesn’t work.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you tried power cycling the Zigbee outlets? One might be having a bit of a brain fart when it comes to repeating.


I’d do exactly what @orangebucket recommends. I had a similar issue just last week and it was related to a failing GE Zigbee switch. Once i power cycled the switch everything else started working again.

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Yes, I tried that but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Is there any functionality within the my.SmartThings website that would narrow it down by looking at each outlets’ hops and ensure that there are no orphans?

No, there isn’t. Your best bet at this point is to find a time when you can turn off the main circuit breaker in your home, wait for about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on. This will power cycle all your mains-powered devices. Additionally, I have my Zigbee channel set to 25; however, some devices won’t work on this channel. If your Wi-Fi is set on channel 1, then there’s no need to use channel 25 for Zigbee. Try something lower, like 20.

Also keep in mind that when you start changing your Zigbee channel that some devices will change to the new channel automatically and some will need to be repaired to the hub. That’s why it is not generally recommended to change the channel. But you have already done that.

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