Sending images to off site

Is it possible to send an image to another server for processing if i had a script (php, .net, etc).

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An image can be encoded in Base64 (or whatever it’s called… format name escapes me right now) so that it can be easily transmitted via an https:// … REST-API call (and received / decoded at the othe end).

@RBoy and some other video DTH developers here may have some ideas.

It would be great if all the DTHs did this automatically so SmartApps, etc., could integrate with all sorts of image storage and processing.

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Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do - end goal and means.

Basically, I am trying to get a copy of the image so I can store somewhere else. My thought was to send the image to a php server. Create a webservice that would wait for a HTTP POST and do something with it (I haven’t really decided yet).

Yes that would be the best way is to create a website that waits on a HTTP POST. This would require a custom device handler or a SmartApp that communicates with the device handler to retrieve the image.
The second was implemented last year but since then ST has put certain limitations on the communication between SmartApps and device handlers in terms of the maximum image size. The first option is only realiable long term solution.

Better yet would be to lobby ST to provide a mechanism to allow for STMP protocol support and image handling API’s between device handers and smartapps and your problems would be permanently solved.

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