Semi-smart blind motor

Hi, has anyone come up with a way to control a ‘semi-smart’ blind motor?
What I mean by ‘semi-smart’, is I ordered the wrong device and now I have a blind motor that will only work from an app. No WiFi, IR or rf control.

Anyone got any suggestions.?

you may want to include the brand/model or link to product so others can get more info with what you are working with :slight_smile:

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Its an unbranded device that simply works from a standard phone app.
But here’s a link to the ebay item

It’s a Bluetooth device that needs to be within range of the phone when the app is used.

An App Approach

About your only hope is if you have an android phone and you use a combination of two third-party apps, Tasker and sharptools.

Tasker may be able to capture information from the app and then pass it over to sharptools, which is how you get the smartthings integration.

No guarantees, but it’s about the only thing you could try from an interface angle.

A mechanical button pusher

The other option would be to add a mechanical button pusher like SwitchBot. That’s essentially substituting for your finger on the button. Switchbot does have an official integration with SmartThings which works pretty well. It looks pretty kludgy, But it can solve some problems where all you really need is a way to automate a button push. Are you several of these at my own home. :sunglasses:

You need one switchbot for each button that you want to push, plus their mini hub to get the integration with SmartThings. So it could be rather expensive, but it solves some use cases that not much else does.

The SwitchBot approach has the advantage that it would work whether your phone was home or not because the integration is through the SwitchBot mini hub.