Security camera options

I am trying to find an indoor security camera that is compatible with ST, is super easy to setup, records when motion detected, can save at least 1 week of video free. I would want to set it up so it records when I am away.

You might want to start with the cameras on the official “works with ST” list and see if any of those meet your needs. There are workarounds for many IP cameras not on that list, but they aren’t “super easy to setup.”

I don’t think you’ll get a week of cloud recording for free with any camera.

Arlo’s will do the trick. They record only when there’s motion and have a week of recordings (depending on size/duration). There’s a few seconds lag time when you go to view a feed, but the recordings are always fine.

Hi @laureenm,

I would recommend Blink For Home and the community integration. This camera system works great and would fit your requirements and more.

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Blink is a great option overall. Just depends on your definition of super easy to setup (the ST integration I mean). @laureenm take a look at this FAQ post on adding custom code to ST.

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I like the look of blink also.
Not biting until they’re officially supported by SmartThings though.
I’m not paying for the cameras then extra for the “official” device handler.

That’s understandable. @RBoy’s practice of charging for access to his smartapps isn’t super common, but they’re generally considered high quality, he updates them, and troubleshoots with users that need help. I think one fee gets you access to all of his apps, I haven’t used any myself. If I had a need for one (or more) of his apps I’m pretty sure I’d pay the reasonable fee. To each his own.


Does the blink cameras require the module too?

never mind just saw the previous email.

What’s the point of having ST if the cameras require a module? Doesn’t the module do the same thing as ST?

Oh no…nothing against his smartapps good on him making some money.
My issue is , as it’s being called official it seems Blink are wanting this to work with SmartThings so why give out a voucher or similar to their customers to use against the device handler etc
So then their customers aren’t paying out twice and Rboy still gets his money for his efforts.


That’s correct, we worked with Blink to create a 10% voucher for ST users to offset that initial cost, the idea was to use it with a 3 or 5 camera system (it got so popular we had Blink extended it for all purchases on Blink’s website). There are so many coupons out there floating around today, just ask the community and you’ll get a bunch of them.

Not really. The blink sync module allows the blink cameras to communicate with the cloud, apparently in an battery efficient manner, and several other features. Here’s a paragraph from CNET’s blink review.

The Sync Module has an included power adapter and it performs a variety of functions -- it communicates with Blink's remote servers to avoid draining the Blink battery; it talks to the cameras via a low-power radio channel to "wake them up" whenever you want to pull up the live video stream; it has a a built-in USB port to facilitate future updates and it is an integral part of the initial setup and configuration process via the related Blink Android and iOS apps.

ST can’t just replace these proprietary functions of a device created by another company. The reason to connect blink to ST is that it allows for control of blink in response to events from devices or sensors that are a part of your ST network; alternatively, blink recording or motion events can trigger various automations in ST.

In other words, if you want to use blink cameras, you need a sync module. If you want to integrate the blink cameras with other components of a home automation system, you need ST.


Ah I remember now.
I did look into this but I can’t seem to use it in the UK.
As when you go onto blinks uk website and click to buy it re directs you to their Amazon to buy it there and that won’t accept the code.

@marktheknife is correct. Blink integrates with SmartThing cloud-to-cloud. This is the same relation ship between Hue bridge and ST; Harmoney and ST.

Here’s a deal that’ hard to beat! $199 for a 3 camera blink system + sync module

That’s like a $60 bucks off the retail price. Expires 5/21/17

Cheers :slight_smile:
Not for us in the UK again :frowning:
We’re lagging so far behind with home automation .

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I really liked the Blink Security Camera and it worked pretty good for a few month. Then something happened and my Blink stopped working.

I contacted the support team, they tried helping but newer problems arose. I decided to make a change and bought the Arlo Pro security Camera. That’s the best product I’ve owned till now.

In the Blink vs Arlo battle, I’d say that the best security camera for indoor usage is definitely Arlo Pro.
It offers more features and flexibility. It’s more reliable and attractive.

Plus, the mobile application and recording qualities are much better.

Hi @leadsrating,

Did you attempt to get help from the community in the [Official] Blink Integration thread by @RBoy befor you started posting your change to Arlo? I went the opposit way from Arlo. Just a thought.

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