Security Cam Recs?

About to jump in on SmartThings. Well, as soon as V2 is released…

I’d like to start by getting a couple of security cams. The choices-- Foscam, D-Link, Nest/Dropcam are pretty overwhelming. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee for cloud recording if at all possible. I want good integration with SmartThings, and I want decent picture quality. Local storage is fine, as long as I can remotely view whenever there’s an event.

Good integration with SmartThings isn’t going to happen right now–there’s no official video camera support with the V1 hub. More has been promised for v2, but no details yet, nor specific delivery date.

Meanwhile, start with the camera FAQ, that should help, then I’m sure people will be happy to discuss specific brands.

Thanks-- I remember reading that ST integration is really limited to snapshots for now. Which is fine-- I can just use the camera’s dedicated app for live viewing if a bad guy trips a door sensor or motion sensor.

D-Link has the 2132L and 932L, Foscam has a bunch of choices, then there’s the Nestcam and Samsung Smartcams. Anyone have specific recs for a camera that fills this need until ST gets its act together on “real” integration?

I have a D-Link DCS-5029L I’ve been trying to integrate for a while with no luck. I’d be thrilled with it just taking snapshots on movement.