Scout Alarm and SmartThings

Scout continues to add integrations and I wish they had fire detection also. However, if you browse their community forums, you will see a lot of people not happy with their solution as an alarm company stating the siren isn’t loud enough, motion detectors aren’t pet friendly and overall system stability issues. My gut feeling is you would be better off at this point using Smartthings to trigger Scout’s central monitoring service and not rely on Scout’s hardware. I am dying to junk Simplisafe, but can’t find a suitable affordable replacement just yet.

The 2015 version of “Help!, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”

Person: Alexa, Tell Scout I’ve fallen and I can’t get up my passcode is 1234.
Alexa: I’m sorry I did not understand the question.


I have not see anything tell me if I can add scouts hardware to ST. I would like to add a few lof there hardware in to my ST home. I like the door arm and disarm panel.

Does anyone know if there HW can integrate in to ST

Nope. Scout hw is not compatible with st.

Thanks is there a smartthings pin pad option my wife wants a way to push a code in.

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Still working in more options, but you could consider my SmartApp…

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I’ll take a look but I hope someone smarter then me can get this added

Or this one’s-z-wave-zerowire-intelligent-home-system-and-all-in-one-alarm-panel.aspx

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We’re working on getting this functionality added to @625alex’s SmartTiles.

Adding a “numeric input” Tile or some sort of popup is feasible; though frankly, perhaps, if you just enable native Android or Apple device / screen lock, then a regular arm/disarm mode Tile will take care of the rest!


I Love Smart tiles and highly recommend it to anyone.

you can’t have a smart home with out the ability to control within the home


Do you think adding an Alarm View (of some sort… With PIN lock) might be close enough to the hardware PIN Pad solutions you linked? Certainly needs some effort to ensure security; but it would be a virtual touch screen version of that hardware in many ways…, though cloud dependant).

Feedback and donations via help influence and encourage the next version. :wink:

Nice devices, but at present smartthings does not play nice with most Z wave secondary controllers. It doesn’t support “controller replication” at all, and support for scene commands is limited.

This may come from a philosophical decision to treat zigbee and zwave devices as interchangeable, which then limits you to a subset of the features of each.

Or it may just come from having originally designed for zigbee (which is why smartthings describes zwave as having “clusters,” which it doesn’t.)

Anyway, the end result is that most devices which use multiple buttons to control other devices lose a lot of their functionality if they are bought new and then added to a network where SmartThings is the primary controller. That’s because they require scene initialization, which smartthings doesn’t do. You can still add it as a “thing” to a smartthings network, but that doesn’t let the secondary control other devices on your network.


The alternative is to add the end devices (typically lights) and the secondary controller to a different primary controller’s zwave network first, set up the scenes there, and then bring everything over to smartthings network.

At that point the secondary controller will be able to talk to and control those and devices based on those scenes, but the secondary controller and the smartthings primary controller won’t pass device control information back-and-forth, so the things tiles in the ST mobile app will always be out of sync.

Secondary controllers include handheld remotes like the GE 45633, wall mount lighting scene controllers like some of the Levitons , and the security panels like the two you linked to.


Some button controllers can be set up so that each button is treated as a contact sensor, which is how the Aeon Minimote works with the button controller SmartApp. But those that require scene numbers and scene initialization just won’t work as designed if smartthings is the primary zwave controller.


On the other hand, if smartthings did support those commands, you’d have the issue that the secondary controllers could only control zwave devices, not zigbee devices or other protocols Which could be pretty confusing for smartthings customers.

The button controllers that can be set up like the Aeon Minimote, on the other hand, don’t talk to the end devices directly. They pass messages to the hub which then passes them on to the end devices. That means you can assign zigbee end devices, or hello home actions, to the buttons. Which is actually very cool.

So while smartthings does give up one set of Z wave specific functionality by not supporting the secondary controllers, it gains a really interesting set of cross-platform functionality for other button controllers.

Meanwhile, though, we have very few wall-mounted multibutton devices.

Yes that may do it.

Also like a tab room version or the option from one window to jump around from security tab and custom room tabs.

My wife has 3 requirements for our alarm system besides the basic door and motion setups:

  1. central monitoring
  2. physical pinpad
  3. smoke/co

Scout has told me they have no plans for a pinpad and they currently don’t have a smoke/co either that notifies the fire department. While we can use ST smoke/co it wouldn’t call the fire department since Scout doesn’t have this arrangement yet.

For these reasons, I am stuck with Simplisafe.


I have a group that would be interested in doing the integration once its supported. We’ve been having requests from customers to do monitoring and… I like this thread. We’d love to see Scout support.

If we could get the integration, I don’t see any limitations on coding everything mentioned in this thread.

We’ve also been building our own ST app or Smarttiles app. Maybe we will release it to this community for enhancements and feedback.

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Official announcement today, for $20 a month scout will offer professional monitoring too smart things customers.

It’s sort of a weird arrangement because there’s no integration between the two systems. You cannot use scout sensors with smart things. You cannot use SmartThings sensors with Scout. It looks like it’s just the addon monitoring service. You can get A certificate to show your insurance company. I’m not sure if it’s UL listed or not. Scout normally uses COPS, which is good, but I don’t know if that’s what they’re doing for SmartThings.

Note that this certificate will say it’s for “burglary” which is just contact and motion sensor monitoring. There’s no fire monitoring. Some insurance companies only give the discount if there is fire monitoring as well.


Does anyone know if there will be a z wave keypad device? Apps are great but I have people come to walk the dog and not tech users that won’t use an APP…I don’t understand why a device doesn’t exist yet?


What will happen in scenarios like what happened last week when hubs became unresponsive? Will SCOUT automatically call POLICE? Will we get a money back if this happens again? I like this integration, and have been waiting for this since KickStarted of SmartThings; but I am a bit sceptical for now!

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Nice product. The price for their hub is more than the ST hub and the monthly fee is also more than what I want to spend. I have not had any issues with my SHM and I can do that for free with my own monitoring. If the hub goes down it goes down. Plus I work for 911 and dispatch police/fire/ems. I can just send them to my house if something odd happens.

The one thing I do like about scout is that they have a cellular built in so if your internet goes down then you have that for backup. That is about the only plus I have that I have noticed with this product.

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I know this post is old but Lowe’s Iris keypad works unofficially with ST.

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Thanks for your interest in Scout for SmartThings! Unfortunately, Samsung has permanently deactivated the service as they transition to the new Samsung Connect app, and new customers are no longer able to sign up.

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