Schlage Door Lock Question

I have had my Schlage door lock setup in ST for a couple of years now. At somebody point in the past I was able to tag a persons name to unlock codes so when I look at the recently tab in ST, I can see the person who unlocked. Well I have some new codes and I want to put names in them but I cannot remember how I did it. Anyone remember?

I have looked everywhere and I cannot remember.

Probably used the Smart Locks app in Classic mobile app or Smart Lock Guest Access in the new mobile app.

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I think you may be right. I am using the old app. Where can I go to see the lock codes? I have gone to smart apps and I don’t see it.

Check your dashboard for a card that says Smart Locks

Here are instructions to install SmartLocks on the new ST App. The Classic ST app you can find it under the marketplace.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can check out this app for a more comprehensive way to manage users, create actions/notifications and manage locks in general: