Schlage Connect is connected but unsure how add different codes

I am new to ST and this is my first post it may be in the wrong place. If so I’m sorry. I have just connect my Schlage Connect door lock to ST. I can lock and unlock it. However, I wanted to add codes like I could with Wink, but can not find the functionalities for this. Thanks

Add the Smart Lock Guest Access smartapp :slight_smile:

Try LUM, you can manage code (add, modify, delete) user codes, set custom notifications for individual users, create expiration dates, schedules, activate presence based users, mode based users, assign actions for individual users and much more:

And if you want to acess your Schlage lock features like AutoLock, Vacation mode, alarms etc from SmartThings check out this Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler:

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If I go down this path, how do I clean up all the other lo k stuff on my accout?

Depends on your setup. Usually it’s just installing the smartapp and switching the lock to the universal device handler. Just uninstall any other lock management apps (except Smart Locks) to avoid a conflict.