Scheduling Schlage Connect BE469 Lock?

I just picked up the Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen BE469 CAM 605 and purchased lifetime access to RBoy’s Smart Apps & Device Handlers.

I installed his App:

  1. Door Lock Code User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock
    This premium app allows you to manage all the users and actions for your doors and locks.

I installed his Device Handler:

  1. Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock with Alarm, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and Advanced Features

Is anyone using this lock with RBoy’s App & Device Handler? I want to schedule the lock to lock everyday at 10:00 PM and unlock at 8:00 AM but can’t figure out how to schedule these within the app?

You may want to post your question in the @rboy thread

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Ok I can do that wasn’t sure I should seems like a lot of experts over there and I’m just a dummy.

There are two easy ways to do this:

  1. In the SmartThings mobile app setup a routine that runs at the respective time and for the actions in each routine set it to lock or unlock the door as appropriate.

  2. You can use CoRE to create two simple rules that run at the designated time which locks or unlocks the door respectively.

Thanks still learning how to use SmartThings all very Greek to me but was able to setup a routine. Just curious was it even necessary to use your App & Device Handler to do this thought someone mentioned I needed to?

Ok tried setting up a routine (for the first time) and thought it was pretty easy… but it’s not working. I followed all these steps:

Tap Automations
Under Routines, tap Add a Routine at the bottom of your Routines
Tap “What do you want to do?” to name the Routine (e.g., “Lock Front Door”)
Tap Next

Next, choose a lock to automate:

Tap Lock these doors
Select the box for your front door lock
Tap Done

Then, set when you want this Routine to automatically run:

Under Additional settings, tap Automatically perform “Lock Front Door”
At a certain time 
Time of day
Only on certain days of the week (checked all days) (Save)

I set it to lock at 10:00 PM and unlock at 8:00 AM any idea what I did wrong because it never locked last night?

Check your IDE -> My Devices -> Click in your lock -> events list. Check if the command was sent to the lock. If yes then the communication with the lock failed, if no then the routine never ran. You may want to contact ST support or investigate why it didn’t run.

RBoy I can’t for sure what’s going on by reading the Event List. I deleted and redid my routines yesterday then waited to see if it locked last night & unlocked this morning.

It successfully ran the routines but it doesn’t always synchronize with what the app says. Last night it locked at 10:00 and my app verified it. This morning it unlocked at 8:00 but my app still showed it as locked.

Any idea why it’s not always in sync?

Likely messages getting lost due to a weak z wave mesh. Add a repeater within 15-20ft of your lock and do a z wave repair.

Thanks for all the help RBoy everything seems to be working fine now. Not sure why at first the lock & app weren’t syncing with each other but been a week now with no issues… didn’t even need a repeater.

It sure is nice to have the front door lock & unlock at specific times… definitely don’t regret buying the Schlage Connect!

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Just need something clarified it looks like SmartThings remembers what state your lock is in correct?

As an example my lock is scheduled to unlock at 9:00 every morning but this morning I manually unlocked it at 8:00 to see what would happen. When 9:00 came nothing happened although I still did get an alert saying Performing “Unlock Front Door” for you at 9:00 AM as requested.

Guess this is how it’s supposed to work but thought it might cancel the scheduled alert if it didn’t actually perform that function.

The alert was sent by the platform because the action was scheduled and the command was sent by the platform to the hub, it doesn’t check the existing state, the scheduler is a very simple time based trigger for an action.

As for the action not actually taking place most likely the command was lost enroute. Typical reasons include mesh issues which can be resolved by adding z-Wave repeater or internet connectivity issues where in the command never reached the hub. You can also try to reboot the hub and do a z-Wave repair which also often helps the mesh strengthen up.

Ok so in my example then once I unlocked it at 8:00 it should have locked it again at 9:00 as per my schedule even though it’s actually supposed to unlock it.

Besides the first day or two not communicating consistantly it’s been working fine since… my lock is fairly close to the SmartThings hub.

If I understand correctly a repeater can be any z-Wave smart device but are there any dummy ones where it doesn’t do anything but act as a repeater. I can’t think of any smart device I could actually use between the lock & hub.

Hmm I think I mis read your post. You’re saying it was supposed to unlock at 9 but you unlocked at 8 to test it. So yes that’s correct, it will still send an unlock command at 9 even though nothing will happen as it’s already unlocked (that’s the simpler scheduler).

Any mains powered Z-Wave Plus devices acts like a repeater (most mains powered Z-Wave devices also act as repeaters but there a few exception, however all Z-Wave Plus mains powered Z-Wave devices act like repeaters). Examples would be wall switches, mains powered z-wave outlets/plugs, mains powered thermostat devices etc.