Scheduler no monition but only for X minutes?

(James Clark) #1

I have a smart app the closes my garage door 5 minutes after I am present and motion has stopped. What I would like it to do is still close the door 5 minutes after motion stops but only if motion stops within 15 minutes after being present. My first thought was to have a second scheduler that changed state 15 minutes after being present but it appears the close door scheduler is over righting it. Does anyone have a better way of doing this?

(Dale C) #2

Are you doing this from SmartRules or other rule engine? It seems like this is a pretty straight forward sequence?

(James Clark) #3

I am not using a rule engine and to be honest I have never even herd of one before now. I just installed SmartRules on my phone and it looks like a really cool tool. Are there any other rule engines you like?

(Dale C) #4

I don’t have iOS so SmartRules isn’t available for me yet. SmartRules is new and has lots of potential to grow. I still use Rule Machine which was not only FREE for all but was absolutely the most powerful app out there… not perfect but extremely flexible. The problem with Rule Machine now is it was recently removed by the author after the troubles that SmartThings has having.

However, there is one currently in development by @ady624 called CoRE (Community’s Own Rule Engine) which looks simply amazing and has the potential to fill the gap Rule Machine left. Here is the thread while it is in alpha development and I am impressed with how fast ady624 is cranking it out.