Scenes only accessible via Google Assistant for the location owner

For the owner, everything works fine. The member can access all devices fine, but is unable to activate any scenes. (“Sorry, did not understand…”)

Also see this reddit thread:

Was wondering If anyone else is seeing the same and managed to work around that. (The virtual button idea is definitely an option, but it’s annoying. )

Tagging @Lars.

Is the other member using the new google integration or still on the old version?

My understanding is they are not using any, and I suspect that’s the problem. And by that I mean we had to unlink Smartthings from Google Assistant on the member phone. If we do link Smartthings, then all devices are duplicated.

If my understanding is correct, the by design there is no straightforward way for non-owners to use Scenes. Currently working around this by creating a virtual button tile and making a POST to the scene api.