Samsung Q80 TV

I just purchased a Samsung Q80 television (QN65Q80RAFXZA) and cannot get it to work with the SamrtThings app(s). It shows up in the new app ( I think it even had to use it for initial setup of the TV) and show the current power state and OTA channel, but when I open the icon it errors out with “Could not get information…”. Looking in the IDE, the device didn’t have information completed such as the hub, type, and network id. I modified those, but the type field only seems to populate information if I choose Samsung OCF TV. Anyone have any thoughts?

Edit: after changing settings in IDE, I can see basic controls in the classic app (vol, channel, power, mute).

Just a reminder that the Classic app is in the early stages of being phased out…

Yes, I understand that. I am referring primarily to issues with the ‘new’ app. My reference to the classic app was coincidental in that it actually shows limited controls. I’m a bit upset that the new app doesn’t work (tried on two Android phones, one of which is a Samsung). Without the new app, advertised features such as custom ambient controls are not possible.

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