Samsung multiroom speakers and notifications and google home

Hopefully this hasn’t been asked already. I didn’t see anything from a quick search.

I currently have a SmartThings kit (sensors, etc), two Google Homes, and some Ecobees, though that’s not relevant.

If I get Samsung Multiroom Speakers (SMS), will Google be able to play music on all of the SMS devices I have set up? And on top of that, will I be able to have Smartthings interrupt the music and play a sound on the SMRs if a sensor goes off (door chime)?

Was going to go through the trouble of setting up an Arduino to a speaker and have a REST endpoint play a sound, but would like to avoid that since it doesn’t sound too fun.


well, the sms speakers are integrated with smartthings as a thing. so apps like speaker control and big talker work easily. Alerts can interrupt the music but getting them to start playing again is hit and miss.

for voice google commands, you can only cast to google devices Natively, like chromecasts and Google homes, there are work arounds to cast to SMS but it can get involved.

also, this thread is awesome for using Google devices as speaker along side SMS. Then you can cast urls to Google devices, audio, video, tts, etc.

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