runIn Reliability

(Chriswarren) #1

I’m trying to use runIn to delay an event by 6 seconds. In both the simulator and live the call eventually happens, but almost always significantly more than the desired time. Am I doing something wrong, or is runIn just that unreliable right now?

(Ben Edwards) #2

I think we have some environmental things happening that is delaying your events. Seeing things running in 0.2 seconds in dev right now. Looking into it.

(Dan Lieberman) #3

@chriswarren - Our engineers were able to reproduce the issue and are looking into it now - I’ll post back here once the issue is resolved. Thanks!

(Chriswarren) #4

Great, thanks guys. Looking forward to the update.

(Apostlepd) #5

can someone give me the syntax to use the “runIn()” command? I’d like to use it and have tried plugging in different variables but to no avail.

(C Chen) #6

// run checkEvent in 60 seconds

runIn( 60, checkEvent )

def checkEvent()