runIn Reliability

I’m trying to use runIn to delay an event by 6 seconds. In both the simulator and live the call eventually happens, but almost always significantly more than the desired time. Am I doing something wrong, or is runIn just that unreliable right now?

I think we have some environmental things happening that is delaying your events. Seeing things running in 0.2 seconds in dev right now. Looking into it.

@chriswarren - Our engineers were able to reproduce the issue and are looking into it now - I’ll post back here once the issue is resolved. Thanks!

Great, thanks guys. Looking forward to the update.

can someone give me the syntax to use the “runIn()” command? I’d like to use it and have tried plugging in different variables but to no avail.

// run checkEvent in 60 seconds

runIn( 60, checkEvent )

def checkEvent()