Rule Machine Version 1.7 Released

Rule Machine Version 1.7.2 Released

Up to my old tricks a bit with some new features for Rule Machine.

I’ve been using my own custom lighting app for a long time, called Motion Lighting. The key features of this are motion controlled lighting with dimmer levels for each mode. I’d like to replace this with Rule Machine, but I needed these new features:

New Actions

Set dimmer levels per mode. This action allows you to specify dimmer levels for a group of dimmers, with a different level for each mode. You can select which modes these levels apply to. By combining this with a motion based rule, your lights will come on to these different levels.

Run rule’s actions. This allows you to cause the Actions for True of another Rule to be run, without regard to the Conditions/Rule of that other Rule. This is useful if you need a Rule (as opposed to a triggered rule), but you’d like to have additional triggers or rules that can cause its actions.

Action Only Rule. It is now possible to have a Rule that only has Actions; it would have no Triggers and no Conditions. Such a Rule can be run by other rules using the new Run Rule Actions feature.

Update Instructions

For this update, you must update both Rule Machine and Rule:

Rule Machine github: Save and Publish for me.

Rule github: Save and Publish for me.


Here is an example of using dimmers per mode: