Rule Machine - Get peer assistance here with setting up rules

Yes, they are similar. “Delay These Actions” delays all of the actions, and the second is simply a delayed off. Both offer cancel as a choice. If you are just doing motion, either will work.

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There was a bug with using Rule Truth as a condition. I bet that’s what bit you. Please tell me the version number shown at the bottom of Rule Machine main page. Current versions are 1.7.6a/1.7.15b.

Would you please get the latest source from Github for both Rule Machine and Rule.

Rule Machine github: Save and Publish for me.

Rule github: Save and Publish for me.

Please let me know if that solves the problem.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, between the time that I had the issue and then posted the question, I updated to versions 1.7.6a/1.7.15b. So, I’m not sure what versions I was on at the time of the error this morning. I believe the last time I updated Rule Machine/Rule previously was late last week or maybe earlier this week. Sorry!

The next time the Rule Truth of SunriseCheck will be evaluated to true and called from FrontMorning without any changes is on 13 March when daylight savings time starts. However, I will write a test pair of rules that are similar so I can test them and I’ll let you know - hopefully later today.

Thanks again.


Can’t figure out how to setup a simple rule.

I’d like to have a switch on for 15 minutes and off for 45 minutes. Between the hours of 6am and 9pm.

There is a lot of missing info here.

What do you want as your trigger (what turns on/off there light).
Exact time you want it to come on, and go off.
Do you want it on for 45 continued minutes? Or do you want it on for say, the 15 minute periods?

Let us know exactly what you want.

The trigger would be TIME
Between the hours of 6am and 9pm

6:00am switch on
6:15am switch off
7:00am switch on
7:15am switch off
and so on until 9pm

Does that makes sense? Thank you.

Yes, that makes sense. This will probably take a whole handful of rules. Let me think about it and I’ll work something up.

I’m sure others will be happy to help as always.

This one seems simple, but the programming will be pretty interesting on it.

Ok. I got this with two rules. I could do it with one, but I worry about reliability then.

Also, this is subject to the scheduler problems with ST. So it may run for a while and it may fail.

I tested this using one minute increments and the restrictions

Rule one - This is a trigger. Set it up just like this. This one kicks of the actions at 6am every morning and works with rule two. If at any time you want to start the rule, just turn on the light. Also, this rule will start any time the light comes on. If you find you want it to stop the affirmation, we can boulder in an override.

This is the second rule. Make sure you get the restrictions set in the second picture.

I set up a similar rule calling a another test rule for its truth condition, waited for the Rule truth condition to turn true and it did. Both rules fulfilled their jobs. Thank you!

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I have a light that comes on in my house when I get home. My iPhone is a mobile presence sensor. I want to set up a rule that says if the light is already on before I get home, do not turn it on. Do I need to set up a private Boolean for this? If so how would I go about doing it?

Thanks, eric

I have to all, if the light is already on, what died it matter? It can’t be turned on twice can it?

I’m honestly curious what’s up… Not being a S/A

That particular lamp is a lamp with three Lifx bulbs in it. My wife may already have that lamp on, let’s say purple at 30%. I don’t want to come home and have it going to white at 80% which is what my presence rule is set for.

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Note that makes sense and actually… There are some lights I need this for as well. My wife guru’s pissed when she sets a lights up and then the mode changes and resets the light…


Is this the correct way to do it? And then do I have to go to my presence rule and enable private Boolean?

If you are using Boolean to disable a rule you will need to select false in the rule above. Then go into the rule you want to disable and at the bottom, under restrictions, select the slider for Boolean disable.

My Smartthings app just froze when I was saving the rule. So I ended the Smartthings app and restarted it. It won’t let me back in. My api. Smartthings is frozen too. Any suggestions?

Can’t get in either.

They just posted something about a service disruption.

Needs help setting up Rules.
In my kitchen my lights turn on when I am in kitchen and if dinning room light is off and kitchen light turn off when no motion detected unless truth change.
In my dinning room my lights turn on when I am in dinning room and if kitchen light is off and dinning room turn off when no motion detected unless truth change.

Problem is
For example. If I was in kitchen and going to living room to watch TV. I turn off kitchen light and the dinning room light will turn on. I then I turn off dinning room and kitchen turn on because kitchen still detects motion. My motion sensor interval is 20sec.

Based on the logic off my rules I expect this because to go from kitchen to living room I must walk by dinning room.

How do I prevent my kitchen light from turning on once I turn off dinning room light when going to living room?

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