Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

I’m not sure what’s going on in your system. When you go into the app, and hit Done, that causes an evaluation to take place. It sounds like what you’re doing is outside the rule logic, so is not causing an event that causes evaluation to take place.

Hang in there. I’m going to release “Dimmer level” as a capability yet today. I will post when I do that. Also, I think the linked rule thing could be very cool. I doubt that will happen today. But, the idea would be to add a capability of “Rule truth”, and allow you to select any other rule you have. Then when the rule is evaluated, it would check the truth of some other rule. What I’m not sure about yet is whether a change of state of the linked rule listed as a condition would cause an evaluation of the rule that references the linked rule. Work to be done, probably not today.

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Don’t forget the garage door too! Lol. Pretty soon this one app will take the place of all other apps!

You’re having trouble using Rule Machine with your garage door??

Rule rules… Or is it Rules rule… Whatever… :grinning: You know, like “one rule to rule them all”

garage door is Door Control, I hope!!


I honestly never looked at door control. I have no smart locks…

So, I will just say this… Duh!

Rules based on Rules will be awesome if it works!!

And I’ll keep checking the setup on my apparent rule evaluation issue. I probably have a competing rule set-up that I don’t realize yet.

Best app I’ve seen so far, one of those you slap your head and wonder why it isn’t in ST already, and why it wasn’t done already (like we all don’t have anything else to do! :wink: )

Awesome work @bravenel, bravo.

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I just updated Github with version 1.104. That includes the “Dimmer level” capability.

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garage door:
capability "Garage Door Control"
Attribute values and methods are the same as door
type : "capability.garageDoorControl"
New capability not in the docs, I verified it was “real” at the last developers meeting…

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OK, but does anybody have any devices installed that have this capability? If not, not any point in putting effort into it.

I do, and the ST supported door controllers have that capability, that’s where I trolled it from.

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Where do I find this info?


FYI - I’m also seeing null when setting Dim levels for both true and false. It still works, but it says null.

Request - you have the option to turn switches off after a delay. Would it be possible to set dim levels after a delay?

One suggestion I would really like to see is the ability to set color of a light. Awesome work though.


Please try this from the latest Github version of Rule, and let me know if it’s fixed or not.

what info?, the link to the repo code is at the top of the page.

Feature request:

With more and more smart outlets that can monitor energy usage, is it possible to set a condition when energy level is < or > a certain amount? Also related, is when total energy reaches a certain number of watts. I was thinking of using this to alert me when my laundry is done when power usage reaches 0 watts.

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Sure, that’s a good idea. I did the core capabilities first, wanting to hear from people about other things. I will definitely put that on the list to be done.

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I’m on 1.104. Looks to be the latest.

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No,no Bruce rules…or better yet rule with Bruce!