Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

How were you able to save the rule? Whenever I try to click done after inputting everything I get “an enexpected error occured” or “you are not authorized to perform the requested operation”

This smartapp looks awesome and I cant wait to start using it but go figure another android problem to stop me.

Very nice work. Thank you!

Go back and grab the app again from the original link. @bravenel made some changes that should eliminate that problem, I assume you are on Android…

The message is specific to the how many conditions are set. When you choose the number of conditions, click Done. you’ll be brought back to the previous menu level, and you’ll see the error message. tap and go back into the conditions menu, and you’ll now see the settings for the number of conditions you set.

That has been fixed, if you grab the most recent code. You should see the number of conditions listed on first page. And then you click to define your conditions. No errors anymore…


Yep, see it now. Though if you set number of conditions, and then skip past setting those conditions, you’ll still get the unauthorized error. (probably just the only error it knows to set)

Not sure what Im doing wrong then. I just deleted the smartapp through the IDE, clicked the first link at the top and re copied and pasted the updated code saved and published. The first screen I get when I open the smartapp shows me all the available settings. I choose the how many conditions first and then immediately set those conditions followed by the setting the rule name and switches to turn on when true. When I click done I still get “an unexpected error has occurred”. This is on my note 3 with 5.0

Hmm. I just walked through a new rule to test it out, and it’s working for me. without any errors anymore. I assume you went into Define the Rule and set the conditions and the AND/OR/Done options?

I crapped out a timer device a few hours ago, that you can use with this app to introduce delays between events.
The time delay is handled within the virtual device itself.
The delay can be set via preferences or a call setLevel and the device will turn on, then off after the delay period has completed.
A pushed event is also generated when the device turns off.
So you have a switch that you can turn on (via another app or whatever) that turns off after the specified interval and also behaves like a delayed pushbutton…


Ha I was too worried about the error that I completely forgot to define the rule. Thx I appreciate the help. All good now.

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Now If I could just figure out how to add this functionality into a default simulated switch device type, I’d be golden. Could set that specific switch to turn on in a rule and it would turn itself off.

Suggestion - currently hard coded is the “Switch to turn on when true” and “Switch to turn off when false” It would be super helpful to have the opposite available as well, “Switch to turn off when true” and “switch to turn on when false”

Ummm… that’s exacly what the above device does…
It works as an auto off switch, and a delayed momentary button. And set level was hijacked to allow for setting the delay from standard smart apps…

I hear you. I’m going to fix that tomorrow, to give you several choices instead of two.

@bravenel great Job on this one! Inam gonna try this out…

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I guess I am missing something. I installed it, and can set it’s timer… but how is it going to turn off any other device? seems this timer feature would need to be built into a virtual switch device or something?

edit the device, the settings are there. This is a virtual switch.
You can also set the timer by including it in another smart app as a dimmer, setting the dimmer level will start the timer with the level being used for the delay minutes.
Being a device, it isn’t capable of directly controlling another device, you always need a smart app for that.
It was designed to be used thus:
Smart app A activates button timer using on or setLevel, button timer runs, smart app B triggers from button off or button 1 pressed event of the button timer.
Admittedly the concept is foreign, but this device allows timed events to be simply introduced into @bravenels rule machine.

I think I get it… but it’s not going to work like I expected. If I set up a rule to turn on the light in my garage when the garage door opens, I also set this timer device switch ON. Then, set up another rule to turn off the light in garage when the timer device is OFF… then whenever I manually turn on the light, it turns itself off, so I end up with this:

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I’ve created a new topic for this device:

Lets move the conversation about it over here…


I have made an update to Rule Machine, and you should reload it from Github, and install two apps in the IDE. The main change is to make it a parent-child app. There are updated instructions in the original post above for how to install the two apps needed, the parent, Rule Machine, and the child app, Rule.

I also updated the choice of Actions available to include the following, each for true or false evaluations:

Switches to turn on
Switches to turn off
Dimmers to level A
Dimmers to level B
Locks to lock
Locks to unlock
Change mode
Run Routine