Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

No problem with that way at all. I have a couple rules that do this.

What you described would work great, but for me, the over ride would be fine… I can just tell Alexa to turn on “Sleep In” and my wake up rule is disabled until I turn off “Sleep In”… then the routine starts and I get up.

added a screenshot to my original post. Does it look like it makes sense?

I just created a test rule with the same conditions and delay; this time it worked. It’s a bit strange that it did not work in my actual rule. I will look into it again. Thanks everyone.

Grrr. It happened again. I was creating a rule and ST app crashed. Now I have another bogus rule after re-doing everything 3 hours ago :frowning:

All I can say is thank goodness for Bluestacks! :smiley:

I created another thread to try and keep this one about the updates and changes to the app.
The other thread is for dealing with App Logic.

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Just for some feedback, I don’t think certain time works for everyone. I have been having trouble running my daily light automation and when I changed it back to 5min time spread, it works correctly. When I left it at 1min and certain time, live logging doesn’t even show the rule even attempt to run.

I too have been seeing issues with time-based rules the last few days. For instance I have a light that I want to turn on at 7:00 PM CST and turn off at 11:00 PM CST with no other conditions. I also have the light turn on at 5:45 AM CST and turn off at 7:15 AM CST with no other conditions. The first rule hasn’t been executing, but the second one has been working. Last night I changed the first rule to turn on at 7:15 PM CST and turn off at 10:45 PM CST, and it worked! I also noticed that one of my mode change rules didn’t execute at 10:30 PM CST, but my evening and morning mode change rules did work, which were based on sunset/sunrise conditions.

It’s just a guess at this point, but perhaps I’m being bit by the hour/half hour bug again. Supposedly it was fixed with a platform update months ago, but I’m going to change any time conditions to be something other than the hour or half hour and find out if things get more stable.

Update posted, Version 1.1.13.

Release notes:

  • Added on/off as choices for “Switches to turn off after a delay” and “Switches to turn off after a delay, cancellable”. This allows for a delayed On.
  • Added Basic and Advanced rule input modes. Basic, which is the default, does not prompt for sub-rules. This makes entering simple rules that don’t have parentheses much cleaner. Advanced allows for sub-rules, and is the app as it’s been up until this release. You can find the Advanced option in the More Options section at the bottom of the page.
  • Bug fixes for water sensors and valves.

To update: copy code for Rule from Github
Paste it into Rule in IDE, overwriting previous version, and Save. Do not publish!


@greg and I discovered that the leakSmart valve, which is a zigbee valve, throws on/off events for opening and closing, not open/closed events. I think I will remove Valve as a condition, because it would confuse someone to think their valve could work that way.

It does respond to and device.close() commands, so choosing a valve for an Action does work.

This is still an issue for me… maybe I’m the only one seeing this? It seems to be confined to mode changes from Night to Home, and it affects rules randomly. I only have one rule that doesn’t have mode restrictions (motion in my master bedroom closet), and this one is never affected, so it’s definitely something in the rule evaluation based on modes.

I’ll try to dig into the logs tomorrow morning after switching from Night to Home and before I go into Rule Machine to kick the offending rules and force re-evaluation… sigh

I have one instance of a SmartApp (not Rule Machine), that has been missing or not getting mode change events for Night to Day. No clue why.

We all have no clue why anymore! I am so going for your rule machine after this weekend! :frowning:


I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse… :confused:

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It took me about 20 minutes to make my house really friggin smart with respect to thermostats. Each floor now knows when it’s occupied, when we are away, and when we are asleep and sets the appropriate temps. Took about 6 rules and 20 minutes to do. Awesome.


You must have separate presence sensors… using an iPhone (my wife) and an Android (mine) and presence is pretty much useless at this point. I’m not buying ST’s answers (or lack thereof) on why this is a challenge.

I have fobs for kids and Life360 for adults. Fobs are instant and awesome. Life360 is slow but reliable. The only issue I have recently is slow response on arrival, so SHM alerts me of intruders. I don’t use a siren, it’s just a notification, and I always know it’s real, so it doesn’t worry me. I believe it’s because my house is getting saturated with lots of new devices due to my addiction. I will be moving my hub soon, and putting a repeater device somewhere.

You’re not; I’ve had an open ticket on this since well before Rule Machine was released. I was finally starting to make progress, but now the support person I was working with is off yesterday and today. Dunno if that means he’s on vacation or working Sat/Sun.

The problem can manifest as a failure of any mode switch, but most often when switching to Home. Replacing the routine that triggers the mode change with rules did nothing useful. Now I’m trying the belt & suspenders method… placing the routines back in operation, followed by Rule Machine rules 1 minute later (with a 1 minute “time between”), and only set to evaluate if it’s not already in the desired mode. That gives me three chances at success. We’ll see.


All against the same failure in the cloud. Don’t get your hopes up.


Just had to kick another rule for re-evaluation in the middle of the day (no mode changes).

Seriously ST - WTH? I really want to support this platform. I was at Samsung when they bought the company, and I see great promise here, but this is NO WHERE NEAR commercial grade…