Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

My installation of RM is still working - for now. Have Core/Piston installed, but haven’t had the time nor patience to start transitioning my rules over. Once of these days I’ll have the time AND the will…

I though RM was powerfull. Wait until you start playing with CoRE! There is a learning curve.

Yea it took me a long time to finally make the transition. Glad I did but boy was there a learning curve.

My install of RM is working as well. I’ve been waiting to transition to CoRE until it is in the official release status. I am dreading the learning curve though.

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might as well jump aboard now… the learning curve is steep depending on how you want your pistons set up. If you want a lot of simple pistons, its nearly as easy at RM was… where it gets complicated is if you want lots of things to happen with multiple conditions and groups…

There are plenty of people willing to help and no one will tell you to read through 3000+ posts before asking your question. [To clarify, that was NOT sarcasm.]


Well I’m not answering any thing until I see video proof they’ve read through all 4800+ in this thread.


So much knowledge in those 4800 posts! It’s just like reading a full set of encyclopedia’s that had all the bindings removed, and were put into a dryer to shuffle the pages!

Sounds like a challenge!


Readers Digest version here…


Provide a CRC for all read comments. MD5 will work, as long as it’s mentally calculated.

Hmmmm uhhhhhhh ummmmmmm ok

Nothing against core, still on rm here, none of my issues are related to rm…
So while Bruce has high tailed it, St still haven’t managed to kill rm…


That’s freaking awesome!

I’m actually reinstalling it… I want to use it for the capture/restore function… the one in CoRE doesn’t work that great with my hues.

Ok, so I just got back to using ST for the first time since February. I moved for a job then got my stuff/family here in June, and just now getting around to it. Anyway, I have Version 1.7.5d (23 Feb 2016) installed still. From what I’m reading, core isn’t stable enough to switch over yet, but RM was never super stable anyway. Should I keep what I have for now or move on to core? There will be no learning curve because I’m gonna have to read up on everything again anyway.

ST is not stable, CoRE is :smiley:


I’ve still got Rule Machine rules running and chucking along. I love the simplicity of it. Until they break, I’ll keep them until it stops working, and then I’ll re-do with CoRE.

I’m sure I could google it but has anyone done a YouTube video of Core?

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For me both are stable.core offers more features and a deep programming experience.the learning curve is steep for me compared to RM.
But when ever there is glitches, they were from ST platform.

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll install core and also keep the rule machine install. My only cool thing was my garage door opener anyway. I don’t have that here and I never could get my Logitech remote working right with plex

Has CoRE been submitted and vetted by ST? Because if not, future platform instability may lead ST Support to reply with a canned response that it was never published to be reviewed…AND THAT WAS THE REAL PROBLEM.

Because ~4,800 posts ago it was clear that RM was killed off by the original frustrated author because of ST platform problems, and ST said the the author never published the app to earn official support. This was proven not to be the case for RM or Landroid, etc. and this confirmed for us the review and vetting process was broken. ST support stated a roadmap to fix this for developers.

Hopefully there has been progress on the vetting process for this highly productive app which provides significant functionality to many driving the success of HA for all. Otherwise the the real topic here (LEAD DEV SUPPORT) will never be closed.


To my knowledge, RM had multiple request to be published and none were followed-up or prioritized by ST (I recall a screenshot shared by the owner on april 11th).
I am not involved in Core Dev so I am not sure when the publication is scheduled but it has to be a milestone.
I think he is working on the restore/backup processes…

But even after the publication of CoRE, if ST is unstable, so the rest of any kind of apps (public or not).
The only difference is we’ll be able to blame someone else but the ST glitches still remains.
But hey! We’re all on the same boat. So let’s help each other (either ST, CoRE community, …) and do the right things at the right pace. Once all features are implemented and tested, I am sure andy or someone willing to take over will make it public