Rule Machine app installation availability

Hello, I wanna find out if Rule Machine app is available for installation.

Negative sir. CoRE is the program of choice now.

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RIP: RuleMachine

Here is the latest link to CoRE.

Are you familiar with how to install?

Hi Eric,

No I’m not familiar with how to install CoRE. What does CoRE do anyway?

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about CoRE


JD, slow down there buddy! I seem to be responding to everyone about 50 nanoseconds behind you. Never mind the fact that your responses are better than mine. :slight_smile:

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This forum needs have the metric “average time @JDRoberts responds”


It’s going to vary tremendously by subject line. :wink:

I’m surprised that he didn’t respond to the mere thought of you responding. :sunglasses: JD, you da man my friend, you da man! :+1:

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