Routine: When device shows energy consumption do xyz (Smart Plug)

I’ve recently bought the LEDVANCE SMART+ WIFI PLUG which measures the energy consumption: SMART+ Plug | LEDVANCE

Now, I want to create a routine, which tells me if a specific device (like washing machine) stops consuming energy, thus is done.
But I can only see the “on/off” function in SmartThings and Alexa doesn’t show the consumption as well. I’ve connected both services with my Ledvance account, but it doesn’t show up. Only in the Ledvance app, I am able to set up routines based on consumption. Is that normal for smart plugs or does anyone has an idea?

Let’s continue the discussion here: Smart Plug Capable of Measuring Power Usage? - #4 by JDRoberts (thanks for connecting the dots @JDRoberts! :+1: )