Routine linked to smart weather app?

Hi, looking for some advice please … Is there a way to create a routine to switch on a wall socket for example, that can be linked to the smart weather app. I want to control the the number of times a day a wall socket is switched on depending on the weather. So if its hot (above a certain temp) or cold below a certain temp the socket is switched on accordingly.

I am using it to control a water solenoid valve for watering plants …

Thanks for any help

CoRE is probaly the easiest for your use case.

Here is my basic Piston that changes the colors of my bulbs …

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Hi , Thanks for the reply… I did consider this but I was worried if you install core it alters the main Samsung rules engine… is this correct ?

Incorrect. Each app is its own entity. The only thing you need to account for is conflicting rules across multiple apps.

Thanks but it wont install … I do the usual code and paste the code into a new smartapp in the IDE and it just locks the IDE out each time … Cant seem to find any instructions either ??

Can I ask how you did it ?



Try this:

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Sorted it was Google chrome… IE worked fine… chrome is slowly becoming useless !!!

Ok now all I need to figure out is where to select the outside temp options which I cant find … but will take a good look

Thanks anyway !!

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How do you go about picking out alerts from the weather, let’s say if I want the lights to turn on only if there is a tornado warning?

You need EchoSistant Notification Add-on for that…

What you see below is what you can hear on Sonos or Ask Home via Alexa…