Roman Shades that work with ST?

Jd anything for Roman shades?

Are those the same as “Roman blinds“? If so, there are multiple brands offering motorized ones, it’s a popular design, but they do tend to be from the more expensive brands like Lutron and Levolor. I haven’t seen any retrofit options for this style. Hopefully if someone knows of one they’ll post. :thinking:

Most of them now have at least Alexa integration, so you can get partial one way integration that way through Alexa routines, but that may not be very satisfactory.

I think your best bet for Roman blinds is just to start with the smartthings app and view the list of “window treatments“ available there and see who has a model you like that already offers an integration.

But again, if someone else knows of something, hopefully they will post.

Oh, and it would help to know what country you are in, as the device selection does vary.

I should add that the least expensive Roman blinds I’ve seen with an official smartthings integration are the Zigbee motor version of yooksmart. They are listed under that brand name in the smartthings app, but they sell in the US under the trade name “graywind.“

They offer 4 different motor models, so make sure you get the Zigbee one.

Also note that they are considered a custom product and are non-returnable, even when purchased from Amazon. So personally, I would probably go with something else, but these do exist, so I’m listing them.

I don’t know anything about them other than having read the specs. :thinking:

Oh, and if you like Roman shades because they have better insulation than roller shades, rather than the aesthetic look, IKEA does now have some cellular blinds in their lineup, which might be another option.

The IKEA ones are returnable are returnable under their regular policies.


Nothing you’ve heard of to add to Roman blinds right? I have MySmartBlinds for my horizontal blinds but haven’t found anything

Correct, I haven’t heard of anything that will retrofit existing Roman blinds.